We make learning, building and growing, social and fun!

building together

The world seems to have solved the problem of learning, but getting jobs is still hard

Imagine this: When you learn a new skill, you could automatically get a new job. We think know it's possible, and we want to create a platform that does just that.

You will learn practical business growth by building a business from scratch. After you finish learning, the business starts making money for you, and you have a new job.

This is why we are the Growth Clinic, we want to fix growth. Don't believe us? Hear what members of our test cohorts are saying.

Our Values

People First

We want to make your life better, not our pockets.


You tell us how to serve you, na you sabi pass.

Quality Matters

Nothing but the best, no matter what it takes.

We no come play

Ask around, you'll see we mean what we say.

Proudly Nigerian

You can even see it in our colours and the way we talk

The Journey So Far...


Physical events and counting


Test cohorts to refine our model


Senior professionals in our community network

Want to join our team?

We're loooking for volunteers!

We are a really small team trying to do big things and we'd love all the help we can get. We aren't making any money, so we can't pay you yet, but if you think you can help us, we'd love to hear from you. We currently need:

Designer: Someone to design visual assets for our websites and flyers for social media

Illustrator: Someone to draw custom images to make our learning content engaging

Front-end Developer: Someone to code our visual assets on our websites

Social Media Manager: Someone to post to our social media channels and build the engagement

Video Content Creator: Someone to create engaging video content for our different channels

Community Manager: Someone to manage the community, keep it engaged and healthy

Project Manager: Someone to manage the projects we'd be working on as businesses

Send an email to growthclinic@gmail.com with the subject and body that says the role you're interested in, your experience with respect to that role and why you'd love to join us.